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"My cupcakes are moist and delicious. Men love my cupcakes!"

"Please, Dororthy, everyone knows your cupakes are dry and tasteless."

7th street coffee, abnormal hair colors, abstract art, adam sessler, aerial ballet in silk, afi, alan cumming, alex kapranos, alton brown, animal farm, art, baking, bass, bass guitar, being jesus, being subversive, billy idol, black bear film festival, blazers, books, brandston, bright eyes, britain, broadway, cabaret, cake, canada, candid photos, carlos d, carlos dengler, cello, chicago, chocolate, circus performers, cirque du soleil, cocteau twins, coffee, college radio, conan o'brien, cookies, danny smith, daria, dating, deep intellectual conversation, demonstrating, discussing things, dominick monaghan, doogie howser, drama, eeee!, emo boys, enrobing machines, even more shameless flirting, feminism, film, fish, flappers, food, food tv, franz ferdinand, free speech, freedom, french, friday night standup, geoff lupo, george michael, gina gershon, golden girls, good eats, graffiti, harley quinn, hating bush, history, ice cream, interpol, interpretive dance, janis joplin, karen o, literature, love, love!, loving life, lovumms, mandolin, mod and beetnik fashion, moog, morningwood, mst3k, muse, music, my birthday, my chemical romance, my grandma, neil patrick harris, nerdgasms, new york city, nickel creek, nyc, octopus, ootm, pants, paula dean, performance art, pimping the entire county, pixies, poetry, procrastination, pulpo, quick breads, quid pro quo, quiet, rhcp, robbie williams, rocky horror, rocky horror picture show, sally bowles, sass, sass! shoes, shameless flirting, shredding the cello, singing, sleeping, solstrom: the series, spanish food, stealing hamburgers and crack, subversion, supporting my gay friends, sushi, sweaters, tacos, talking, the color blue, the darkness, the postal service, the sims, the used, the yeah yeah yeahs, thinking, unwrapped, violin, water, weezer, wham!, woody allen, worshipping john stewart, writing, writing poetry, x-play, yeah yeah yeahs


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